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Murrell Counseling Service, LLC

Consulting, Evaluations & Therap​y​

Looking for a professional psychologist you can trust?

My name is Michael Murrell, Psy. D. and I am a clinical psychologist who has been the Director of Murrell Psychological Service since 1987.  I personally struggled with panic attacks and P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for many years from age 22-32.. I sought professional mental health and not had a problem with anxiety or panic attacks since my own treatment.. I can teach you what I have learned personally so that you or your loved one can stop suffering from an anxiety disorder. There has been a great deal of research  as to how best to treat PTSD and one of the best methods is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  EMDR has helped a large number of my clients.  You can view my track record at Just type in "clinical psychologist" and my ZIP code of 65809.  You will find that my work reviews put me in the top 1% of psychologists who treat anxiety.  For more information about EMDR please check the "My Blog" section of this website.

We Offer Consultations Exclusively by Telehealth or by Phone:

All therapy is now done exclusively by Telehealth consultations on the phone or Internet. ​​We no longer do in person face to face therapy or evaluations.

Telehealth has many advantages for clients. 

1. Many clients do not like to leave their homes because it is a "Safe Place" for them.  When at home they have the comfort of familiar surroundings.  They may have their family, spouse, support person or animal there to keep them company while they are doing therapy over the internet or by phone.

2. There is no commute time required to do therapy over the internet.  That means clients who work from home can stay home for therapy without interrupting their daily schedule. There is no waiting in someone's office or any wasted time.  It is extremely private since most sessions take place with the client in their own home, office or automobile. It is scheduled at a time of the client's choosing. 

3. Since I only work with a few clients a week now I spend a great deal of time studying each client's issues and providing a treatment plan as well as homework to be completed between sessions. All sessions are customized to meet the client's specific goals for the treatment.

4. Sessions can vary again according to the client's needs.  Some clients chose to meet every week, others every other week and sometimes once a month.  Since no insurance company is involved there is no third party involvement thus insuring that the sessions are extremely confidential and tailored specifically for the client's needs.

5. We are a fee based consultant service and our rates are $140 per 50 minute session. This arrangement serves our client's needs because it allows us to personalize the treatment as we work together as a team. This means we will work together to meet our clients needs as much or as little therapy as is necessary to accomplish their goals.  When there is an urgent need we can work for as much as 120 minutes and then cut back to once a week or twice a month as the problem with anxiety is being resolved. All payments are made at the time of service with credit cards, checks, or clients can arrange to have part of the session paid by their insurance carriers as I am an out-of-network provider.

6. We proudly use Spruce Care Messenger for HIPAA compliant private video sessions.   All of our communications using phone, text, email or fax are now encrypted for your protection. You may check for your video visit by (1) make sure your browser is Google Chrome, Foxfire, or Safari. (2) I will ask you to download the app Spruce Care Messenger for your cell phone and that will begin the set up to allow us to have encrypted communication that is totally private and secure.(3)  I will send you some forms to fill out and return which explain the confidentiality and details of doing telehealth. (4) We will agree on an appointment time when you will be alone with your computer or phone.(5)  When the time arrives I will send you an email with the invitation for you to simply click on. (6)Type your name in the waiting room box. You are then connected and the video visit begins!

Check our report card to see our performance history.

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