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It might be helpful to know that I suffered from panic attacks and P.T.S.D. from age 21 until age 28 when I found professional help. Now I am symptom free and feel great. I can help you with anxiety disorders and give you the same freedom.

You may wish to review an article that I wrote in which I describe

my first acquaintance with E.M.D.R. treatment for psychological trauma. In the article I discussed my initial skepticism about E.M.D.R. and his personal experience in his own therapy as a client. I had the symptoms of panic attacks, insomnia, depression, flashbacks, as well as social anxiety. Through my own treatment I have resolved the issue of anxiety attacks and panic disorder. Since 1997, I have continued to learn new skills to help others overcome similar anxiety issues. My approach is to evaluate, treat, and then resolve the emotional pain that presents either as anxiety, depression, or both.

Did you know that physical fitness has been shown to be as effective as medication in

reducing the effects of anxiety and depression?

If you exercise 30 minutes four times per week it has the same effect in reducing anxiety as a 5 mg. tablet of valium.

Those of you that wish to enhance your overall health, mental and physical, may wish to investigate the benefits of bicycling. Such activity works as a stress coping skill that greatly enhances the benefits of individual counseling. Exercise and psychotherapy help treat the whole person and empower them to excel in many areas. I have a friend who at age 92 has more than 23,000 miles on his bike. My wife and I are riding a tandem bike that we bought at Sunshine Bike Shop in Springfield. I heartily recommend them. Their website is and their phone is 417-883-1113.

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