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Murrell Counseling Service, LLC

Consulting, Evaluations & Therap​y​

It was a great pleasure for Murrell Psychological Service and Murrell Counseling Service to be a sponsor of the Veteran's Day Parade on November 7, 2015. There were a number of veterans honored who had served in previous wars. Shown above are two WW2 veterans, Vernon Kontz and Dr Tommy Thompson, both of whom served in combat during the war. Shown here with Dr. Murrell in between them, these men, along with six other WW2 veterans, were given the Keys to the City in a ceremony prior to the parade by Mayor Robert Stephens. There was a large turn out for the parade despite cool weather. The mayor honored the veterans and they in turn were very appreciative of being given the recognition they so rightly deserve.

The parade was coordinated by Robert Crampton and his wife Ann. Robert is an Army veteran and Chairman for the Veterans Day Parade. He organized the parade with the help of American Legion Post 639 and is the founder of "Walk Away the War" program for helping vets who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

After the presentation of the Keys to the City, there was a special air show given by two Army Airborne Rangers. Shown here was Colonel Chris Stark carrying the American flag under his parachute and landing in the downtown Springfield area to mark the start of the parade. It was amazing to see Colonel Stark guide his parachute to a large ten foot wide red X in the middle of a vacant lot and hit it directly in the center of the X. Nice work there Colonel!

Murrell Counseling Service is proud to sponsor the Wounded Warrior Project for it's outstanding work in providing counseling and rehabilitation programs for veterans. I am also proud to have served in the Army from 1968-1974 as a Reserve Medic. I am currently a member of the American Legion Post Number Post 639.